February 5, 2016

Tour de Melon


  • Choose from either a Century Route or multiple paved Trail Routes
  • Terrain is flat.
  • Well-marked rural highways.
  • Route maps will be available at the registration table.
  • Approximate rides of 20, 40, 60 miles on Rails-to-Trails paved Trail and 50, 100 mile road routes!
  • 100 mile ride is a great “starter” ride for anyone wanting to do their first Century ride.
  • Rest/snack stops provided on all routes.
  • SAG service provided.Helmets are required. This also includes children riding in bike seats and/or buggies. Cyclists must obey all traffic rules.

This is a ride, not a race. Plan on riding at a rate appropriate to your training.  You must bring your own towel.

After your ride, swing by downtown Chiefland and visit
the 64th Annual Chiefland Watermelon Festival:

Watermelon festival image

Join us after your ride!

FREE LUNCH provided to all registered riders!